Radar Rental

Radar Sports makes it easy for you to rent the best Radar Gun for your application.

Simply call one of our Radar Gun Specialists and we will guide you into the correct  radar gun that applies to your needs.

All you will need to do is fill out and return our simple rental form that we will fax or email to you.

We ship anywhere within the Contiguous USA  and will include all the necessary components for you to easily set up and use your Radar Gun.
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Most popular rental categories:

Sports Radar

Utilized for sports training  by coaches , players, and all sports enthusiasts.

The radar gun simply sends out a signal that bounces off an object that is being projected towards it in as straight a line as possible.

In other words any object including :

Baseball / Softballs
Soccer Balls
Hockey Pucks
Tennis Balls ( for the Tennis Serve )
Golf Balls ( including speed and distance ) can be read by a radar gun.

Traffic Enforcement / Police Radar Guns

The radar gun is most commonly used in Traffic Enforcement to measure the speed of moving vehicles.
Knowing the speed of a moving vehicle , wether it be a car, truck,or motorcycle, speed safety is of great concern to the public and to those that study its affects on safety.

It is also utilized in warehouses and manufacturing facilities to measure the speed of fork lifts and other motorized vehicles for plant safety.

Special Events and Promotional Exhibitions
As one of the greatest curiosities , how fast a participant can throw or kick a ball is a great draw to any event.
The rental of a radar gun for speed timing offers added excitement at:

Trade Shows
Fairs and Festivals
Private Parties