Stalker Baseball Radar Guns

Stalker is an internationally renowned brand for radar guns, speed signs and anything that’s about acceleration detection. We’re happy to offer their products at Radar Sports, from the standalone Stalker Pro II radar gun to their display, and more. We also have a few product packages, so you can purchase everything you need in one go.

When reading speed metrics in baseball, you need the most accurate results. Stalker is in the business of doing just that: giving you proper velocity feedback and a clear display. In practice or games, you won’t need anything more. We also have spare battery packs for sale for long games.

Stalker baseball radar guns, LED display boards, battery packs, and the brand’s other products deliver reliable performance, for hours on end. A trusted manufacturer with a trusted distributor, you’ll get proper service at Radar Sports and radar guns that will not disappoint. Contact us today!

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