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Phantom Sports Pro Radar Gun

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Radar Gun Package Includes

  • Special Deluxe Carry Case, Tuning Fork, Cable.
  • Great for Fork Lifts and all other Low Speed Measurement
  • The Sports Pro Handheld Radar Gun is an easy to use professional K Band, stationary radar gun for anyone to use. The unit is specially designed for use on the sports field, but the unit works great for almost any target, up to 294 MPH, or at slow speeds down to 1 MPH. The speed range of this gun is from 1 to 294 MPH, and is accurate to, and will display in, 1/10 (0.1) of a MPH. This gun can be used for many sports including; hockey, baseball, softball, tennis, racquet ball, lacrosse, golf, cycling, bowling, skeet shooting, go carting, boats, personal water craft, ATV racing, RC cars, boats, and planes, race cars, motorcycles, air planes, motor vehicles, and other moving objects.
  • This is exactly like the radar guns that the police use, but the Sports Pro has a few more features that include: Very long range, even on small objects … 3 digit LED display … 1-294 MPH speed range … Super fast response … Simple point and shoot action … Always accurate within 1/10 MPH … Selectable 1/10 MPH or whole MPH display … Selectable slow speed cut off … Fast/Last memory, see the fastest or last speed!
  • Made in the USA
  • Now for the FUN stuff…..
  • The Sports Pro can pick up a baseball at over 75 yards. We have field tested the Sports Pro and it can clock more than a baseball. It can clock Golf Balls, Tennis Balls, Footballs, Frisbees, Model Boats, and CARS. You name it and the Sports Pro can read it, and accurate to 0.1 MPH!!!
  • The Sports Pro will pick up a baseball as soon as you pull the trigger (right out of the pitchers hand). You can pull the trigger as soon as the pitcher releases the ball … keep the trigger pulled till the catcher has the ball. The Sports Pro will “lock in” the fastest speed and the last speed (ball at the plate) … you can then toggle between fastest and last speed as many time as you need until you clock the next pitch!!! The Sports Pro locates a speed within 1/100 of a second after a target is put in motion for a good signal (somewhat longer for a very weak signal). It then continuously tracks the target, producing a reading 100 times a second. So it doesn’t miss the fastest speed or the last speed.
  • Even a BB from an air gun reads about 134 MPH with one pump, and about 220 MPH with two pumps. We know of NO other sports radar gun that can equal this performance! The Sports Pro has these typical ranges: 35 yards on a tennis ball, 125 yards for a golf ball, 1,200 yards for a standard American passenger car on a level road.
  • Completely Safe and Legal
  • The Sports Pro is approved under part 15 of the FCC rules; this means you don’t need a license to operate it. Also, its radiated power density is less than the Federal guidelines for a household microwave oven.

  • The Sports Pro can go anywhere you go – in your car or at a ball game . Internal super accurate crystal check. Push the test button and an internal crystal generates an exact 60 MPH signal, testing the Sports Pro for proper and accurate operation, and also tests the display indicators.
  • Selectable slow speed cutoff of 18 MPH prevents reading of nuisance targets such as people walking around, swaying tree branches, etc., that you may not want to target.
  • The Sports Pro will read most anything that moves. However, anything that moves erratically, will give erratic readings. This includes running people because of the jerky motions of the legs and arms. We don’t recommend the Sports Pro for real accurate readings of very erratic motions, because the readings bounce around a lot, although each reading is accurate when taken.
  • All ball motions and virtually all other sports give excellent results.
  • The only requirement is that the target be moving almost directly towards or away from the radar for the most accurate readings.
  • Radar is subject to “Angle Error”. The formula is Cosine of angle X actual speed = radar reading.
  • At small angles the error is very small.
  • If angle is 5 degrees, then radar will read 99.6% of actual speed. Example target speed 50 MPH, gun reading 49.8 MPH
  • If angle is 10 degrees, then radar will read 98.5% of actual speed. Example target speed 50 MPH, gun reading 49.2 MPH
  • If angle is 15 degrees, then radar will read 96.6% of actual speed. Example target speed 50 MPH, gun reading 48.3 MPH

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3 reviews for Phantom Sports Pro Radar Gun

  1. Terry

    Incredibly accurate with instant feedback. This is a top-of-the-line product with virtually no downsides. Great for scouting at all levels.

  2. Clay

    I coach for a small NAIA school in the midwest and this gun comes with me to every game and practice. Accurate readings for our pitchers and opposing ones as well. Top quality!

  3. Nick

    Quality radar gun that seems very durable. Very sturdy feel in your hand and has very accurate readings. Great purchase.

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