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SafePace 600




The SafePace 600 is the ultimate in unmanned traffic management signage.

Huge, highly visible 15” LED digits display a driver’s speed, with a violation flashing

light to denote excessive speed. Messages, graphics and animated text can be

programmed into the sign, making this a very useful and intelligent traffic enforcement

tool. Even customized scrolling messages can be displayed.

The SafePace 600 is Bluetooth and WiFi enabled, with wireless programming

bringing a new form of solution to reckless driving. Internal processors enable 24/7

scheduling, 365 days a year. Even Holiday exception days can be programmed into the

unit. Modes exist where the speed of the approaching car determines the message the

sign displays.

The SafePace 600 is highly visible in all kinds of weather, thanks to an anti-glare

lens system. An optional integrated school zone beacon system makes the SafePace

600 a better traffic calming solution. There is a Stealth mode, where the SafePace 600

measures speed but does not display the results. Traffic baseline data is collected for

later analysis. The heavy duty construction and high strength aluminum sign face

guarantees protection from the elements and vandalism.

The Safepace 600 traffic speed sign ,uses the most power efficient radar

technology so there is ultra-low energy consumption. With the optional solar panel,

the sun can keep your Safepace 600 running indefinitely.

The SafePace Pro software allows full control with an easy-to-use interface.

Sign configurations and scheduling is a breeze. Every operating mode is customizable,

from display range to digits. Strobe flashing speeds and detection range can be easily

modified. Animation and messaging can quickly be done, allowing even more

flexibilities to this sign.

Traffic speed monitoring statistics can be downloaded and used to print a

variety of useful traffic reports.

Answers to local street congestion or accidents are easily assembled data using

the Safepace 600.

It informs the driver of his speed.

It informs the experts to traffic issues and solutions.

It is the perfect choice for those informed.

The right speed radar sign is the SafePace 600.

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Data Collection Software, SP600 Solar Power w/ Battery Backup, SafePace 600 Only


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