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Phantom Patrol Radar


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  • No other radar gives you more range, smaller K-band antenna, simpler operation, easier to read displays and many other features. All this in a compact size to reduce your squad car clutter.
  • You also get ‘High Speed Search’ free, a few hundred dollar option with other manufacturers.
  • Single or dual antennas … Buy the 2nd antenna now or later, no modifications required. Industry’s smallest k-band antenna. Compact design … only 1.7″ high, fits easily on any dash. Longest range … no other radar gives you more, and many give you less. Large displays … easy to read no matter how bright the day, and a dimmer for night. Fast response … from hold (standby) reads the speeder before he can slow down. Track thru lock … with separate lock display. No batching (averaging speeds) as some radars do when different speeds are close. Internal self test … at the push of a button an exact 60.11 MPH signal is generated internally to test the circuitry for accuracy. City / Highway switch for optimum performance in city or open road. Simple operation … highly intuitive setup – each adjustment is a separate control and you can see at a glance what you have. No complicated programmable keypads. Highest speed search and lock … goes the industry one better than your ordinary ‘High Speed Search’ option.

    Five Indicators … provide complete information on system operation, including:

    • Rfi (radio frequency interference) indicator.
    • Lo battery indicator.
    • Hold Mode (standby) indicator.
    • City Mode indicator.
    • Power on indicator.

Radar Type IV K-Band Moving and Stationary Operation System

  • Power requirements +11 to 16.5 VDC @ 1.2 amp max.
  • Environmental -20 to +60 deg C; 90% relative humidity at 37 deg C. (non-condensing)
  • Accuracy +/- 0.2% Microwave +/- .15 MPH internal signal processing +1/4, -3/4 MPH readout truncation System accuracy at 100 MPH target speed, worst case, all factors considered = + 0.6 / – 1.1 MPH
  • Patrol speed range +16 to +75 MPH always. +6 to +100 MPH at times.
  • Target speed range Stationary Moving 15 MPH thru 199 MPH 15 MPH thru 199 MPH, not exceeding 208 MPH closing.
  • Target detection distance: About 3500 ft. with straight & level 2 lane road without obstructions & typical American passenger automobile target.


  • Construction Extruded aluminum & nylon coated steel chassis.
  • Weight 2.06 lbs.
  • Case Dimensions Width 7.45″, Height 1.7″, Depth 3.95″
  • Readouts .56″ high brightness Algas. 3 complete sets of 3 digits ea., Target, Locked, and Patrol.
  • 5 Indicators 1.) City mode indicator 2.) RFI indicator. 3.) LV indicator. 4.) Hold or standby indicator. 5.) Power on indicator.
  • Video / Aux output
  • Dual or single antenna capable.
  • Mates to Police Video Systems, Inc. camera.


  • DIM/BRIGHT switch for night and day operation.
  • STA./MOV. for stationary or moving operation.
  • UNSQ./SQ. switch for Doppler audio monitor.
  • RANGE control to set range of target detection.
  • OFF/VOLUME to control power and audio loudness.
  • PUSH TO TEST button to activate separate crystal controlled signal source to test computer
  • LOCK/REL switch to control separate LOCKED window, allowing continuous ‘Track thru Lock’ and ‘Highest Speed Search and Lock’ features.
  • FRONT/HOLD/REAR switch for STANDBY operation, and selection of front or rear antenna.
  • CITY/OVER 44 switch for optimum performance in town or highway.


Two year factory warranty coving all parts and labor under normal use. Cosmetic damage not affecting performance excluded. All warranty F.O.B. factory.

  • DUAL ANTENNA – $1290

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