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Phantom Hand Held Radar Gun


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Phantom Hand Held Radar Gun

The Phantom Radar Gun is a hand held law enforcement speed gun, ideal for all

law enforcement officers wether on the side of the road or in a even in school zone

when providing safety for all.

This K band stationary radar gun can give you instant results with accuracies of

+/- 0.10 MPH. It is light, under 1.75 lbs. and super accurate. Simply point and shoot.

This small, lightweight radar gun has an aluminum chassis to provide strength

and durability.

The easy-to-read LED display uses a Digital Signal Processor to offer speeds of

between 10 and 199 miles per hour. This high performance police radar gun can

accurately achieve a speed measurement on a vehicle from as far away as 1000 feet

with the target coming towards or away from the radar gun.

Safety is paramount, so the radar signal on the 24.150 GHZ K band is below the

FCC standards for a microwave omissions. The Phantom Hand Held Radar Gun plugs

into 12 volt lighter plug either in a car or portable ni-cad battery pack by its coiled

stretchable heavy duty power cord.

Three different battery packs offer between 5 and 22 hours of service.

• The 3 amp battery is good for 5 hours.

• The 7 amp battery is good for 11 hours.

• The 15 amp battery is good for 22 hours.

All are available as an additional option for portability.

The Phantom police radar gun is 6.5” by 7.5” with a width of 3.375”. It is built

with a PVC cover for rugged protection.

The Phantom is made in the USA and comes with a 1 year warranty on parts and


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Weight 7 lbs


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