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Responder 1000

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At the heart of the Responder 1000 is the DVR, a state-of-the art hard drive capable of recording hours of video. It boots almost immediately so you never have to wait for your in car video system. Military-grade hardware ensures you can always count on it.

With the Responder 1000’s programmable pre-event recording, you can capture probable cause–the DVR stores video from BEFORE the moment you trigger recording

  • 120 Gigabyte hard drive capable of recording up to 3.5 full days of activity
  • SD Card slot supports upto 32GB SD card
  • 15/30 second pre-event record
  • –5°F – +140°F operating temp
  • Less than 60 second boot time
  • Durable, Molex connector for secure media transfer
    • Military Grade
    • 500,000 connections life cycle design
  • Internal backup battery safely closes video file during power loss


Capturing good audio is key to capturing good evidence. The Responder 1000 puts a high quality officer microphone to use along with an optional rear seat microphone.

The officer microphone offers both an external lapel microphone and a built-in internal microphone, plus the ability to trigger video recording at the push of a button. With 40 channels to choose from, you never have to worry about crosstalk.

  • Officer Microphone

    • Built-in or lapel microphone
    • Worn on belt or placed in pocket
    • Lithium-ion battery
      • Recharge in vehicle
      • Home/office chargers available
      • 8 hr in-use life
      • 14 day standby life
    • 2.4 GHz Digital Spread Spectrum audio transmission
    • 95 possible channels with audio sync between cars
    • Hard wired internal microphone or back-seat camera/microphone combination
  • Optional In Car Microphone

    • Records in car audio
    • Covertly installed in rear seat headliner

The Cameras

  • Front Camera

    The Responder 1000’s top-of-the-line camera ensures you capture great video whether your patrol car is working a sunny highway or an unlit back street.

    With great zoom and excellent sensitivity, you’ll always get the evidence you need to protect your officers and your community.

    • Auto exposure, auto focus
    • 10x optical zoom
    • .25 lux sensitivity – good for low light visibility
    • Radar interface for radar overlay
  • Rear Camera

    The optional backseat camera provides an image of the patrol car’s rear seat. Use it together with the rear microphone to capture video from suspects in the car. The built-in infrared allows the camera to work in the darkest of environments.

    • Optical wide angle rear seat camera with microphone
    • Infrared imaging works in perfect darkness
  • Choose How To Switch Between Cameras

    The Responder 1000 offers three options for controlling your camera system. Purchase the one that works best for your department.

    • Single camera installation
    • Multiplexor allows selectable picture-in-picture
    • Toggle between cameras with a simple switch

Evidence Management

The Responder 1000 offers an easy to learn, easy to use, video evidence management software package.

It simplifies transferring video and provides a straightforward way to search for video evidence.

    • Transfer Video

      The Responder 1000 File Manager makes transferring video from the field very easy. Simply follow these steps:

      1. Insert the DVR into the office dock
      2. Open the Responder 1000 File Manager
      3. Click once to transfer files
      4. Remove the DVR when prompted
    • Organize Evidence

      Video evidence quickly becomes difficult to manage without help–the Responder 1000 File Manager allows you to keep your video organized with easy to use tags and organizational tools.

      • Organize evidence into cases —group evidence together based on a particular investigation or event
      • Keep video evidence where it belongs by labeling it by:
        • Officer
        • Date
        • Location

Find Evidence

When you need a piece of evidence, your software should help you find it.

The Responder 1000 makes search for evidence easy. Simply input the information you know and the software finds the evidence you need.

    • Search easily by:
      • Officer
      • Date
      • Location
      • Case



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