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DragonEye LidarCam


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Capture Images of Targeted reticle and vehicle speeds with the Affordable Dragoneye Lidarcam
This IACP certified LIDAR includes a high performance digital Canon camera that captures
in high resolution images of vehicles that exceed the threshold speed entered in the menu when set up.
Additionally the added date/time stamp plus the video recording capability provides all law enforcement
operators the ability to provide added court documentation.
The Dragoneye Lidarcam is also an advanced training tool as well as for near range automated enforcement.
All images can be downloaded via WiFi to Android an IOS phones and can include a GPS Tag.
Roadside printing is also available through WiFi using the standard portable printers.
      *Automatically capture images using speed threshold and range gate settings.
  • *12 Megapixel color images.
  • *Auto focus with optical image stabilization.
  • *Wifi or USB print capability to compatible printers.
  • *Image shows true officer view through head-up display.
  • *Integrated with our DragonEye Speed Lidar for ultimate performance.
  • * Typical license/ number plate legibiltiy 250 feet on US plates.
  • * Up to 20x combined optical and digital zoom.
* Weight – 4.0 lbs
* Dimensions 12.6″ H x 7.6″ L x 5.3″ W
*1/3 Second Acquisition Time
* Speed Accuracy : +/- 1 MPH
* Maximum Speed: 200 MHP
* Lidar Power – 2 C-Cell High Quality Alkaline or NIMH Rechargeable Batteries ( up to 25 Hours )
* Poor Weather and Obstruction Modes

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