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Motus is a world-leader in advanced biomechanical analysis for all levels of athlete. They have developed innovative wearable technology to track a player’s critical information. The motus Sensor is a small 6.9 gram device that clips on to a batting glove or slips inside a pitching sleeve. Using Bluetooth connectivity, accurate performance data is downloaded into analytics software. Then with ground-breaking 3D move performance apps, instantly athletes and coaches get the information they need to prevent injury and improve performance. During the selected BP mode, hitters are tested in the nine hot-zones and provided feedback in areas of weakness.


This lets hitters discover the pitch locations where they perform best. 27 Major League Baseball organizations use the UCL Workload Monitor feature to combat UCL tears that lead to Tommy John Surgery. Pitchers monitor their workload and receive personalized throw limit recommendations to avoid injury caused by overuse. Technology can bring out the best in your players by giving them the insight and information they need to improve through the use of this competitive baseball training equipment device. Available from youth to adult sizes. The motusBASEBALL™ brings that technology to a smartphone right on the field. Make good information your home field advantage.


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