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Net Playz Multi-Sport Personal Speed Radar



Product Description

The Net Playz Multi-Sport Personal Speed Radar System is the ultimate in hands free speed measurement. This self-contained one piece unit is portable, easy to set up and very, very accurate. No matter the sport, the Multi-Sport can record the speeds of soccer shots, hockey pucks, baseball pitches and lacrosse throws.

Simply adjust the tripod stand and in seconds the radar will measure speeds of between 3 and 150 miles per hour. Then the bright LED display will show the speed, while the voice notification feature announces out the result. Six buttons on the rear of the display controls the multiple features, so you can customize its amazing performance, in mph or kilometers.

Players can use the Multi-Sport in individual practice sessions or a coach can use this tool to instruct an entire team. Once set up, it is the ultimate in hands-free operation. The Net Playz Multi-Sport Personal Speed Radar System can improve the performance of your team. Solid, accurate speed measures motivate player to push themselves to new heights.

The Multi-Sport is a high tech coach’s tool that is affordable at $89.99

Weight 3 lbs

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs


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