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Inflatable Hockey Slap Shot

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Inflatable displays get noticed. An Inflatable Hockey Slap Shot gets played, with people waiting in line to visit your booth. This is a huge, attractive inflatable display over 14 feet high and is 12 feet deep and 11 Feet wide. When used in conjunction with the Hockey Radar Gun and Display Board, this inflatable is perfect for competitions, conventions and even coaching. The Hockey Slap Shot is tough, able to handle the fastest shots. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with a 1.5 HP air blower to make inflation easy and quick. A 3.5 year manufacturer_Ñés warranty means dependability. It can take shot after shot and still bounce back for more. The Inflatable Hockey Slap Shot arrives with a tarp, anchoring spikes, air flow zipper and patch kit. Upon ordering, it can be customized with corporate colors, branding, logos and spots for business cards. For marketing purposes, hockey fans will flock and wait to take a shot. Interactive displays make the best impressions and the Hockey Slap Shot makes everyone a winner. Handheld radar guns make it easy to turn a marketing opportunity into an attention getting contest. Connect the Hockey Radar gun to a LED Display and those waiting on line can see the speed of each shot. Instead of boredom at waiting their turn, your display will be generate enthusiasm and cheering. A great hockey carnival game. The Hockey Slap Shot offers valuable coaching opportunities. It is a safe and fun way to teach hockey basics to kids. Speed, accuracy, consistency can be taught in a fun, coachable, interactive way. The sure shot is to get a Hockey Slap Shop for your next event, conference or team practice. You_Ñéll score big.


  • 1.5 HP Air Blower
  • Anchoring Spikes
  • Tarp
  • Air Flow Zipper
  • Patch Kit
  • Vinyl Cement (Glue)
  • Safety Rules
  • Business Card HolderDimensions :

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