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The ES16 Tour Launch Monitor uses Doppler Radar and Photometric tracking to measure every small detail of a swing. Ball Data and Club Data is digitally captured and paints a vivid picture of what_Ñés right with your swing and what_Ñés wrong. The Ernest Sports app for IOS systems then record and displays the data both in live simulations and in graphic readouts. The ES16 delivers club acceleration profiles, spin, loft, head speed and club path. It measures the balls carry distance, roll and total and ball speed. Only with knowledge can a swing be tweaked to give a shot distance, height and the spin needed on real courses. And only with practice can that perfect swing be found. The ES16 Launch Monitor uses radar for speed and camera technology for spin and directional measurements. The Ernest App then applies these accurate measures to give every golfer a chance to hone their skills with each simulated round played. The ES16 Launch Monitor can be paired with The Golf Club full golf simulator. Their data bank of 100,000 courses and the ES16_Ñés technology take training and simulations to the next level. Get an ES16 Launch Monitor to make golf practice so much more than mere simulation. It can make your swing the real thing.

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