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The ES14 Launch Monitor


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The ES14 uses Doppler Radar to measure club speed, launch angle, ball speed, smash factor, spin rate and distance. From there, specific parts of any golf swing can be broken down and worked on. For those who take their golf seriously, the ES14 can easily improve their game. For golfers on any level, the ES14 brings high tech to your game to make every practice a fun and motivating experience. The free Ernest Sports App establishes a link to the ES14, where after each swing there is an audible feedback. Get instant feedback on the distance and speed for each shot. Develop and then analyze your strengths with a wide range of statistical data in an easy to read format. Dependable, portable and easy to use. Get the critical data that a golfer can learn from with this essential piece of any golf training equipment. Explore the next level of launch monitors, the ES14.

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