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The ES15 is rugged and can be used on grass or on mats. It_Ñés easy to use and runs on a rechargeable battery that lasts nearly 140 hours. It provides accurate information for all skill sets. For in-depth statistics, patrons can pair their smartphone to the ES15 and open the Ernest Sports app. From there they can analyze their swing, see relevant tendencies, explores areas for improvement and develop areas of strength. The ES15 can have your smart phone read out loud the shot data, as the practice session is going on. As a teaching tool the ES15 offers every serious golfer the knowledge they need to improve. As a coaching tool, it uses the latest tech so training programs to be tailored to individuals. For the owners of the driving range, this is a new revenue source. A session with the ES15 can be a huge draw for your clientele, with extra fees charged for use or sessions limited to _ÑÒspecial members._ѝ An optional remote control key fob allows club managers the ability to turn the ES15 on and off from anywhere. Each ES15 can be branded with customized graphics. These panels can even be used as ad space for local retailers. Enhance the driving range experience by adding ES15. Your patrons and your revenue stream will both benefit.

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