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Six Inch Full Length Game Mound


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In little league baseball, having a well-built and well maintained field is often a rarity.  Rather than a real dirt mound, most young pitchers are forced to learn their craft in shallow well-worn holes.  Give your young players the professional edge they need with the 6” Full Length Game Mound.


This study and durable portable pitching mound is one of the safest portable mound on the market.  Young pitchers, ages 9 to 14, will be able to push off with confidence, their legs planted firmly into the sold, reinforced portable mound.  It is fully turfed, complete with a regulation rubber that is securely attached.  Though solid and hefty, weighing 130 pounds, this portable mound is easy to move and store.


It is 60” wide and 104” long, offering room enough for pitchers to safely perform pick off moves to first and second.  Most other portable pitching mounds all wear in the area where pitchers land their leg.  The 6” Full Length Game Mound has extra layers of luan wood in those spots, sealed in to provide more strength.


Get the 6” Full Length Game Mound and make your games safer and your pitchers better.  Takes 2 – 4 weeks for delivery.

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