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Economy Batting Cage Packages


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Commercial Quality at a Backyard Price

  • Frame Corner Fittings
  • Net Tie Downs
  • #36 HDPE Knotless Net
  • Complete Instructions
Dimmensions –  All sizes 35ft , 55 ft , 70 ft. lenths are 10 ft high x 14 ft wide at the base.

The economy shape allows us to use lighter tubing, but we still incorporate tubing that is dramatically heavier & stronger than others. Two people can set this up and tear it down in under an hour. With our system, the net has an economy shape just like the frame, so you get full use of extra width at the bottom. Some systems hang a square net directly down from the top of the frame, so the extra width at the bottom of the cage is unusable, and the cage still takes up valuable yard space. Compare tubing diameter. While others use 3/4″ EMT conduit, a BCI economy cage uses 1-3/8″ black powder coated tubing. If you decide to purchase your own tubing, it will likely be galvanized steel. Our net is heavier, and incorporates the highest UV inhibitors in the industry. Our welded steel fittings are more than twice as strong as typical 3/4″ conduit fittings.

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