How does a Radar Gun Work?

A radar gun works on a Doppler Effect , It measures the speed of an object by detecting a change in frequency when pointed at the intended target..( vehicle, baseball, softball, hockey puck, soccer ball etc….)

Are there different types of radar?

Yes, there are two Sports Radar Guns and Police / Traffic Radar Guns .

Sport Radar Guns are microwave transmitters and Police Radar Guns are either microwave or laser ( ladar or lidar ) transmitters. 

Is there a Low Speed radar gun?

Yes, these radar guns are specifically designed to record speeds as low as 1 MPH.  Most are utilized for runners, skaters, fork lifts , warehouse vehicles , scientific and educational studies , etc….

What is the frequency of a radar gun?

Most radar guns operate on a single frequency in X Band ( 10.525 GHz), K band (24.150 GHz) or Ka band (between 33.4 -36 GHz).

Where is the best place to position the radar gun?

Directly in line with the object being measured , either in front of it or going away from it , within a 10 to 12 degree beam width for optimum accuracy.

Do I need to calibrate my radar gun?

All radar guns are calibrated before they leave the factory. A calibration check is recommended once or twice a year especially for most law enforcement guns.

Can a police radar gun measure the speed of a vehicle moving away from me?

Yes, certain models will allow you read to and from.

What is the minimum and maximum range a police radar gun measure the speed of a vehicle?

The radar range can vary , but most traffic radar guns can detect speeds from 100 feet up to greater then 1 mile.

Can I operate the radar gun in the rain?

Yes , most are weather resistant but not waterproof.. It is best to cover with a simple plastic bag.

What is a Cosine Effect Angle?

It is the angle between the direction of the target and the radar, If the target is traveling directly toward or away from the radar, the Cosine Effect angle is 0 degrees ( no error). The greater the angle the greater the error.

How does the Cosine Effect effect the speed I am measuring?

The Cosine Effect  will cause a stationary  radar to measure speeds low, the greater the angle the radar gun is at the lower the measured speed.

What is the "Cosine Effect" of a radar gun?

The Cosine Effect is a measured speed by a radar gun that is in error due to the angle between the radar and the target.

How accurate is a radar gun?

Most stationary radar guns are accurate from +/- 0.01 mph up to  +/- 1 mph (+/- 2 kmh) . Most moving radar guns are accurate to +/- 2 MPH (+/- 4 kmh).

Is there a radar gun that can measure the speed of a Train?

Yes , there are many specialty radar guns that are specific for Rail Road speeds.

Is there a radar gun that can measure the speed of water?

Yes there are radar guns specifically built to measure Surface Velocity.

Does an inexpensive radar guns like the Bushnell Speedster work well?

They are in accurate within 8 – 20 MPH.

How do I choose the best baseball radar gun?

Consider a baseball specific radar gun which offers the highest accuracy and greatest range .

Can I measure the speed of a baseball bat swing, golf club, tennis serve, hockey puck, golf ball, billiards, cricket ball, watercraft, ski racer?

Yes,  there is a radar gun for every application where speed detection is needed.

How far can a radar gun be from a display board ?

The maximum distance is up to 200 ft when connected by a cable without compromising the signal

Can a radar gun work from behind glass or a vinyl target?

Yes, the radar gun does not need to see an object as it reads motion (doppler ).

Does the environment effect the performance of a radar gun?

Yes, wind, rain, and even cell phones can create interference.

Does a sports radar gun have to be manually triggered?

NO, all are equipped with a continuous mode of operation for hands free use.

Can a sports radar gun offer different speeds?

A professional level radar gun offers a plate speed setting , a hand release setting and a peak speed setting.

Is there a radar gun that can read in tenths of a MPH?

Yes , only professional level models will offer you readings in tenths of a mile (ie 85.7 MPH).

What is the best radar gun for a Speed Pitch?

The SR 3600 sports radar gun with display board is the best for this application.

Can I operate a Speed Pitch in the rain?

Yes , but certainly not a soaking rain.

Why does my radar gun read inconsistently with my Speed Pitch?

This can be due to the blower motor or if their are moving cars in the area. Separate the distance between the radar gun and the blower motor as far as possible and cover the motor with a piece of vinyl or box to prevent the radar gun from picking up the motion of the fan blades.

Where Do I position the radar gun with a Speed Pitch?

The radar gun should behind the rear of the speed pitch , it will read through the vinyl , netting , or back of an inflatable.