Older and Stronger: At 37, Roger Federer is Still Swinging

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The life of a tennis player does not begin or end in tournaments.

Training for hours each day is just one of the many tasks of a professional tennis player. They also work with various tools, such as a speed radar gun and a swing analyzer, that assess their abilities on the court, helping them set benchmarks for improvement.

But, there are aspects of tennis that even the most advanced equipment cannot measure; grace and sportsmanship, for example, both of which Swiss tennis pro Roger Federer has. Considered the greatest male tennis player of all time, Federer is the first man to win 20 Grand Slam singles titles: eight Wimbledon titles, six Australian Open titles, five US Open titles, and one French Open title.

If that isn’t legendary, we don’t know what is. Way past his prime, Federer is still swinging it.

Still at His Peak

Generally, tennis favors those who are younger, faster, and have more endurance like Greek tennis legend Pete Sampras who was already a pro at 16. Sports analysts say the peak age for a tennis player is 24 to 28 years old.

At 37, however, Federer has proven he’s not ready to retire yet, beating much younger opponents who are in their prime, including top seeds Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. At his age, Federer should be taking coaching jobs or watching by the bleachers by this time, but his titles speak for themselves.

Graceful Technique

Although perceived as a ‘luxury’ game, tennis can be brutal. For Federer, the sport doesn’t have to be. The Swiss maestro is a defensive tennis player who displays graceful forehand serves and returns.

His forehand strike is considered to be the finest in history, and, along with his Eastern grip, his forehand helps him pass shots and hit massive topspin. Unlike Djokovic, Federer can maintain his balance even when lunging for an out-of-reach ball, making him elegant to watch and less prone to injury. This style and his single-handed backhand are what help him endure long rallies against aggressive pros.

Game Attitude

Despite the psychological pressure of competing professionally even at his age, Federer is a calm and modest player on the court. But more than these, Federer is a patient player.

Otherwise, he would never have overcome his five year-Grand Slam title slump in 2012-2017, which could have pushed him to put the racket back in the bag. He was in the shadow of Djokovic and his archrival Nadal for quite some time, but the greatest of all time trained and learned in-between tournaments to get back in the game – and he did, when he beat Nadal at the 2017 Australian Open.

Many say Federer wins most of his titles at the locker room. His patience in training, his attitude in the court, and his physical-friendly techniques make him difficult to beat. It’s a long way to go before anyone else becomes the next Federer, but if you are serious about getting those Grand Slam titles, start putting in the hours in training sessions.

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The Mechanics of Bowling Speed Measurement in Cricket

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Considered a “gentleman’s game,” cricket is a team sport that charms players and sports enthusiasts alike with its highly distinctive gameplay. It is a product of different yet equally important elements: fielding, batting, and bowling.

Bowling is the part of the sport that brings the ball into the game at great speed. The history of cricket has seen some of the fastest bowlers, such as Shoaib Akhtar, Shane Bond, Brett Lee, J. Thomson, and Malcolm Marshall). Currently, Shoaib Akhtar from Pakistan holds the record for the fastest delivery at 161.3 km/h.

The incredible recorded speed makes one wonder: “How do they measure the bowling speed quickly?”

There are two ways to measure bowling speed in cricket: radar gun and Hawk-Eye technology.

Radar Gun

Measuring bowling speed by a radar gun is similar to measuring the speed of a moving car. Also known as a speed gun, the speed measuring equipment consists of both a transmitter and a receiver. Sports officials purchase radar gun for sale because of its accurate speed measurement.

It measures speed by sending a radio wave reflected by the object along its path. In this case, it’s a cricket ball. The gun receives this echo and applies the principle of Doppler Effect (the change in wavelength or frequency of a wave as it approaches or moves away from the observer) and calculates the speed of the ball.

Advantages of using a radar gun:

  • Accurate speed measurement
  • Instantaneous recording of speed as the ball passes the gun. Players can immediately see the speed on the screen.


Dr. Paul Hawkins originally invented the Hawk-Eye for television purposes in cricket. The system is composed of six (in some cases, seven) cameras positioned on the underside of the stadium’s roof. These cameras track the ball’s speed from different angles. Hawk-Eye uses the data from the six cameras to track the ball’s path from the time it leaves the hand of the bowler until it goes dead.

This speed measuring system is not infallible but is accurate within 3.6 millimeters. It also helps judges understand the length and direction at which the ball left the bowlers’ hand and headed to the stumps. Hawk-Eye also enables 3rd umpires to make the leg before wicket (LBW) decision by allowing them to see if the ball was actually in the line of the stumps when it hit the batsman’s pads.

Advantages of the Hawk-Eye

  • Accurate measurement of ball speed
  • Clearly states the authenticity of the ball hitting the stumps
  • Confirmation of the legitimacy of ball delivery

It’s impossible to measure ball speed manually. Fortunately, with radar guns and the Hawk-Eye system, this need not be a problem. With technology, it is easier to ensure the transparency in this gentleman’s game (or in any other sport, for that matter).

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