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Our baseball radar guns from Radar Sports are widely used by backyard dads as well as major league scouts. The Pocket Radar is a popular and convenient portable sports radar gun and always is in-stock.

Practicing with a baseball radar gun gives an athlete instant feedback by allowing the player to view his own speed when combined with an LED display board. Scouts often use a professional grade radar gun for baseball from Radar Sports to accurately measure pitch speed. The Jugs radar guns is one of our most popular professional level radar guns for baseball.

Our brand selection includes:

  • Stalker
  • Jugs Sports - Jugs Radar Guns
  • Sports Radar
  • Pocket Radar
  • Speedtrac X
  • Bushnell
  • Pitchers Trainer

Other baseball radar measurement products from Radar Sports include a radar pitching trainer, pitching machines, batting and pitching cages, pitching mounds, display boards, stadium score boards and baseball training equipment.

Use a baseball speed gun with our popular Speed Pitch game for carnivals and special events.

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