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SRA 3000 Tracer Radar Gun

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Product Description

SRA 3000 Tracer Radar Gun

The SRA 3000 Sports Radar Gun is portable, lightweight at 0.8 lbs., and is a great point and

shoot radar gun. This universal sports radar gun is considered by scouts to be the least expensive

and most accurate radar gun available.

If it moves, the SRA 3000 can measure its speed. The SRA 3000 is the most sophisticated

cordless hand held radar gun available. Simply aim and pull the trigger. An accurate speed will

be displayed on its easy to read 3 digit display on the back of the radar gun. The Tracer Radar

Gun will operate in two modes, trigger or continuos mode which is your choice when you easily

set up your radar gun.

On the field, the SRA 3000 can read pitches up to 60’ feet away. A special “quick” mode reads

bat or pitch speeds. On a tripod in “continuous mode” the SRA 3000 can record car speeds from

a distance of 1,000 feet away.

Versatility and convenience are key qualities of the SRA 3000. Six AAA batteries can power this

unit for up to 100 hours. Auto shutdown features prolongs the battery life to give you quality

service throughout the entire day.

While simplicity is a key characteristic of the SRA 3000, professionalism and accuracy are its

trademarks. For speeds between 10 and 199 miles per hour, the SRA displays qualities usually

found on higher priced units.

Coaches and players in all sports also apply the use of the SR3600 radar gun to measure hockey

shot speed, tennis serve speed, lacrosse shot speed, and soccer kick speed.

The SRA Tracer radar gun is not only utilized for baseball applications. This affordable radar gun

is used to detect speeding vehicles in gated communities , college campuses, and in school zones

just to name a few.

Police and security officers find the ease of use of the SR3000 help deter speeding while

patrolling from their vehicles at large and small venues at public events .

Features of Sports Radar Tracer Radar Gun or SRA3000
Speeds Range 10 to 199 in MPH or Km/H
3 Digit Speed Display
Point and Shoot technology
Range typically 60′ on balls, over 1,000′ on cars
Trigger or Continuous Modes
Tripod Mount
Quick Read Mode
Average Speed statistic
Selectable Audio Indicator
Operates on six (6) standard AAA alkaline batteries
Battery Life 100 hours
Auto Shutdown to prolong battery life
Low Battery Indicator
Includes soft case and speed tuning fork
Weights only 0.8 lbs.
1 Year Limited Warranty
Power ON / OFF, and Mode Option Button
Average Speed, and Mode Select Button
Battery Compartment
Package Contents
Sports Radar Tracer SRA3000 Radar Gun
Soft Case



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Weight 2 lbs

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