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Traffic and police Radar guns

Radar Sports / is a Manufacturers Authorized Supplier of First Quality, Brand Name Police Radar Guns, traffic radar guns, speed enforcement equipment, and traffic speed signs and is the #1 choice by Law Enforcement Agencies.

Our on-line store offers all models of hand-held and in-car traffic and also find police radar guns for sale.

We also offer road side speed signs, speed displays, and radar trailers as well as all reliable radar gun accessories.

Sports Speed Cage With Radar

The Radar Gun Sales Speed Pitch Cage with Radar System is a highly profitable business opportunity for all sports including baseball, soccer, tennis, hockey, golf, and lacrosse.

The Speed Pitch Booth is priced to meet any budget and includes a deluxe frame with sport netting, radar gun, speed display board, and a sports backdrop. Inflatable Speed Pitch games as well as Baseball Pitching Machine and Batting Cage Equipment are available.

Ideal for Fundraisers, Professional Sports Franchises, Sponsored Cooperate Events, Fan Entertainment, Marketing and Promotional Companies, Charities, Schools, and Carnivals.

Our customers are not forced to purchase pricey packages , but rather can build a system to work within all levels of a budget. Custom backdrops and banners can be made to promote sponsors and teams or themes.